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David Crown

This tiny crown paired, with a one millimeter diamond cut bead chain, is also found on the David pendant shown on the banner of my large pendant page.  It was created by Charles Demengeot of Paris, France, and found in his book Dictionnaire du...
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Made in America metalic colored Shield

Proud to be an American, this tiny sterling silver pendant or charm was crafted using a vintage industrial stamp to mark items made in the USA.   Artfully colored with metallic inks, it comes with a gold-filled jump ring.  A...
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Mom - Small

By far, the most popular monogram of our customer is this elegantly crafted "MOM" monogram. It came from the book: "Monograms & Ciphers" (1906), London, England, by heraldic artist AA Turbayne.   It was replicated and placed...
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Dollie (DMG)

Travel back to the roaring 20's, where elegance was personified by having your family linens hand-embroidered with the family's monogram.  The "DMG" monogram was lifted from a German towel circa 1920, purchased in Heidelberg, Germany.  The...
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