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Adelicia - Gold Chain

This historical monogram belonged to Adelicia Acklen.  She was once considered the wealthiest and most influential women of the south.  The ornate lettering was sourced from china that...
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Alice with Ivy

Heraldic artist J. Gordon Smith, from his book Monograms in Three & Four Letters (1903), London, England.  Monogram: ALICE Detachable twisted bale; Ivy at the top edge; Raised monogram;...
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Chain features sterling silver satellite links with beads. Chain Width - 0.40 inches Bead Width - 0.70 inches  
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Antonine (AK)

This beautifully crafted monogram with ornate sculpted letters is a fabulous work of art.  The "AK" monogram is from the book: "Chiffres & Monogrammes et suite de Composition...
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Chain features oxidized, sterling silver, patterned cable links.  Link Size - 0.12 x 0.20 inches  
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Chain features sterling silver, patterned cable links. Link Size - 0.12 x 0.20 inches  
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Caedryn - Lady with Harp

Wear this pendant at your next concert!  Found during one of Lynda's many adventures, the design is from an antique Belgium medal from the early 1900's.  The "Lady with...
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Chain features sterling silver, medium rolo links. Link Size - 0.12 x 0.12 inches  
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Chain features wire wrapped, dark pyrite bead on sterling silver. Bead Size - 0.12 inches  
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This monogram is from the book, Chiffres & Monogrammes et Suite de Compositions Decoratives, published in Paris, France, in 1880, by heraldic artist Gustave Bussenot.  Monogram:...
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Chain features sterling silver, elongated cable links. Link Size - 0.12 x 0.20 inches  
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Chain features sterling silver, flat link cable links. Link Size - 0.22 x 0.28 inches  
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Chain features textured, sterling silver & gold bonded links. Link Size - 0.20 x 0.24 inches  
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