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British Coin

This stunning British Twopence coin dates back to the 18th century.  This short lived denomination in copper was only minted by the Matthew Boulton Sohomint in 1797.  It was then in 1797, to alleviate the silver shortage, the government...
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Monogram of Jesus

Dating back to the Third Century, IHS is a "Christogram", an ancient way of writing Jesus Christ. The letters I and J, of the Latin alphabet, were used interchangeably until 1524. Christians shortened the name of Jesus by only writing the first...
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Mom with Curls

By far, the most popular monogram of our customers, this elegantly crafted "MOM" monogram comes in four different pendant sizes. It came from the book: "Monograms & Ciphers" (1906), London, England, by heraldic artist AA Turbayne...
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Winged Victory- Reversible

“Winged Victory” was the title of a series of medals referred to as Inter Allied Victory Medals. Several variations were designed and awarded, in gratitude, to the allied soldiers across the globe at the end of World War I in 1919. Designed...
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