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French Queen Bee Pendant

This tiny sterling silver pendant is the perfect piece for all Queen Bees.  I replicated the crest of Anne, Duchess of Brittany, adorned with her actual crown, as the background for the pendant.  Anne later became the Queen of France and is the...
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Mom with Curls

By far, the most popular monogram of our customers, this elegantly crafted "MOM" monogram comes in four different pendant sizes. It came from the book: "Monograms & Ciphers" (1906), London, England, by heraldic artist AA Turbayne...
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Princess Louise - Double Rim

An excellent example of a royal's Victorian monogram, this beautiful piece features the monogram of the Princess Louise, Duchess of Argyle, sixth child and fourth daughter of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert.  An artist and sculptor in her own...
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Ave Maria

This stunning piece was molded from a detailed, 19th century Ave Maria religious medal that Lynda acquired from Belgium.  Lynda replicated the image and placed it on a circular sterling silver pendant.  It has a sterling silver bale and light...
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Glorious Jesus

You will wear God the Father, standing behind his son Jesus Christ on the cross. In between the face of God and the head of Jesus Christ sits a dove the symbol of the Holy Spirit.  This trinity cross is framed on an oval background of spiral designs...
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Anne of Brittany - Full Crest

This exquisite sterling silver pendant was modeled after a pin that was given out at the 400th Anniversary of Queen Anne of France's reign. Anne the Duchess of Brittany married Charles VII of France and then later Louis XII of France.  Anne was the...
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