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Round Baroque Pearls

Our round baroque pearls range in size from 16 millimeters, down to 13 millimeters, on this strand.  They are hand picked by Lynda for their iridescent glow, graduated sizes and fresh white color. Each pearl is wire wrapped by hand and pieced...
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Anne Boleyn (AB)

Make a statement of pure elegance by wearing this beautifully sculpted sterling silver pendant with the British "AB" monogram - affectionately nicknamed "Anne Boleyn" by the artist.  The gracefully scripted monogram is from an early...
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King Frederick IV

King Frederick IV of Denmark from 1808-1839, & King of Norway from 1808-1814, the last king of Denmark-Norway. The monograms of the kings are on architecture, gates, coins, and other places within Copenhagen. Monogram: King Frederick IV Three 24k...
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King Christian VII

This "C7" monogram was sourced from a Danish coin dated 1771 and is a classic two letter icon with a mirrored C7 to the left in order to create balance.  The ornate lettering was designed for King Christian VII of Denmark.  He is...
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Marianne - Emerald Clasp

This exquisite piece of jewelry was inspired by a French Marianne medal.  Marianne is the national symbol of the French Republic, and is the personification of liberty and reason.  The medal was replicated into this sterling silver,...
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David - Detailed Border

Designed by the French master heraldic artist, Charles Demengeot, for his book: "Dictionnaire du Chiffre - Monnogramme" (1881), Paris, France, this exquisite "David" monogram is a work-of-art.   One of our most popular monograms,...
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Adelicia - Gold Chain

This historical monogram belonged to Adelicia Acklen.  She was once considered the wealthiest and most influential women of the south.  The ornate lettering was sourced from china that belonged to Adelicia, which still resides in her home at...
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Mother of Three Children (MZ)

Travel back to the middle ages, the "MZ" is from a 13th century rounded script alphabet ("rundgotisch"). It was found on an antique German euro sham and is a great example of changes in the alphabet over time, as the Z looks like a 3.   The...
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